Azavea Summer of Maps Fellows to Work on Six Nonprofit Projects this Summer

Azavea Summer of Maps Fellows to Work on Six Nonprofit Projects this Summer

The Azavea Summer of Maps program is a 12-week fellowship where geospatial data analysis students work alongside experienced mentors to complete projects for nonprofit organizations.

2017 Summer of Maps Fellows work on nonprofit projects

Since 2012, Azavea Summer of Maps fellows have completed nearly 40 projects for nonprofits in a wide range of domains. As part of just a few of those projects, fellows have analyzed:

This summer, our Data Analytics Team will be working with three fellows to complete six high-impact projects for nonprofits.

To read a full description of each project, click on a project title below:

2018 Azavea Summer of Maps projects

Mapping New Orleans Hidden Eviction Crisis

Fellow: Gabrielle Beaudry
Nonprofit: Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative

Exploring How Philly Elections Work

Fellow: Gabrielle Beaudry
Nonprofit: The Committee of Seventy

Analyzing Health Status, Income, and Social Determinants of Health Across Philadelphia

Fellow: Dale Watt
Nonprofit: The Legal Clinic for the Disabled

Prioritizing Restoration Projects in Sierra Nevada, CA Watershed: Using Suitability Analysis and Prioritization Models

Fellow: Dale Watt
Nonprofit: Sierra Streams Institute

Ecological Analysis of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Fellow: Xiao Wu
Nonprofit: Audubon Alaska

Identifying Patterns in Mid-Atlantic Marine Debris

Fellow: Xiao Wu
Nonprofit: National Aquarium

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We are very excited to work with our 2018 Summer of Maps fellows and support them through their work with these organizations. If you are interested in applying for a fellowship position or nonprofit services grant for the 2019 Azavea Summer of Maps program, sign up for our mailing list.

Become a Sponsor

Summer of Maps is organized by Azavea, but we are always looking for partners or sponsors! Please reach out if you are interested in sponsoring a fellow, mentor, or nonprofit organization for 2018!

If you would like more information about the Summer of Maps program or about ways you can get involved, contact