User Experience Design

High quality design is a hallmark of Azavea’s work and a critical part of every project we build. From ideation through iteration to implementation, our User Experience (UX) team crafts actionable, powerful tools around your users’ needs, bringing your geospatial data to life, adding new insights and meaning to your organization’s work.


A collaborative brainstorming and planning session for stakeholders, designers, and developers, the kickoff unearths key concepts and concerns, builds relationships, and sets the stage for a successful project.


You can’t solve a problem you don’t understand. We research your audience, observe your workflows, and analyze your data until we comprehend them (almost) as well as you do.


From sketches to wireframes to mockups to code. Across screens, devices, time, and space. We weave typography, color, interaction, and geospatial data into an intuitive structure that affords the information and functionality you need, when you need it.


Empiricism is crucial to product design. Throughout our process we build interactive prototypes of increasing fidelity and evaluate their use to diagnose frictions and determine course corrections.