Research and Development

We have extensive experience writing for and winning research grants from federal agencies like NEH, NIJ, NIH, NSF, DoE, USDA, NASA, and private foundations to support the development of our clients’ projects, as well as our own products and solutions.

In addition to collaborative research carried out with our partners and clients, Azavea has been fortunate to win several research grants under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Azavea has leveraged these research funds to develop an early prototype of what is now the GeoTrellis geoprocessing engine, the HunchLab risk forecasting system, and the OpenTreeMap tools for tree inventory, ecosystem services calculations, and urban forestry analysis. SBIR grants are supporting ongoing research on climate change, web tools for processing and performing deep learning on satellite and aerial imagery, and new tools for modeling with earth observation data.

Tell us about your geospatial project and how our grants development team on staff might be able to assist you to include Azavea in your research funding request.