We make your geographic data more valuable by creating beautiful and scalable web and mobile applications, and by creating analytics that uncover insights in your data.

Software Development

We can help you increase your organization's impact by creating web and mobile software that is attractive, easy-to-use, and based on the latest technology.

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User Experience Design

Through the development of personas, proven design processes, paper prototyping, and user-centered approaches, our responsive designs will address your audiences and their stakeholders’ distinct needs.

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Data Analytics

Turn your data into an asset. By formatting, processing, geocoding, and analyzing your data we'll help you unearth the unexpected. Harness geospatial analysis and visualization for lasting civic, social, and environmental impact.

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Big Geospatial Data

We can use GeoTrellis, Spark, Amazon Web Services, and other tools to build complex web applications that work with large data sets by distributing the work across computer clusters.

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Research & Development

We both partner with our clients on collaborative research and develop our own research projects. We have extensive experience writing and winning grants from NEH, NIJ, NIH, NSF, DoE, NASA, USDA, and private foundations to support the development of our clients' projects.

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We have distilled some of our best work into a few web products that harness the power of geography for positive civic, social, and environmental impact.

Advanced predictive policing application built into a unified forecast of crime risk for sophisticated prevention analysis.

Open source collaborative urban ecosystem tools for tree inventory, community engagement, ecosystem services calculations, and urban forestry analysis.

An open source software toolkit based on Apache Spark that supports fast geospatial data processing by distributing tasks across computer clusters.

Legislative district and elected officials database for batch geocoding, district assignment, advocacy, and district mapping to support citizen engagement in the US and other countries.

Open Source

We believe that communities of knowledge, culture and innovation are more vital and energetic when outcomes are shared, enabling others to more effectively build on past work. As active members of a global software community, we think it is useful and important to share some of our knowledge and expertise by making contributions to open source and other community-based software efforts.

Check our GitHub for a list of tools and libraries, as well as our work on the GeoTrellis, OpenTreeMap, OpenDataPhilly, and DistrictBuilder projects. Many of our colleagues are active contributors to other open source projects too.

Featured Clients

Arts & Culture

  • Philadelphia City Archives
  • Boston Public Library Leventhal Map Center
  • Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance


  • Open University
  • Rutgers University
  • Stanford University
  • Temple University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Richmond

Elections & Politics

  • Committee of Seventy
  • George Mason University

Health & Human Services

  • DE Valley Assoc. for Education of Young Children
  • Phila Corporation for the Aging
  • U-Penn School of Medicine
  • U-Penn School of Social Policy and Practice
  • US Dept of Veteran Affairs

Law Enforcement

  • Hamden Police Dept.
  • National Institute of Justice
  • Phila. Police Dept.
  • Peoria Police Dept.
  • St Louis County Police Dept.

Natural Resources

  • Philadelphia Water Dept
  • Natural Lands Trust
  • Stroud Water Research Center
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • US Dept of Agriculture