Our next era: Azavea joins Element 84

Our next era: Azavea joins Element 84

Element 84 and Azavea's logos are joined with a plus sign on a gradient background of blue and green (the two organizations' brand colors)

The geospatial and Earth Observation communities are tight knit. As purpose-driven organizations in this ecosystem, Element 84 and Azavea share many of the same priorities and values in an industry that is often focused on positive societal impact. 

As of February 16, 2023, this shared focus will manifest through the organizations coming together under the Element 84 name. We are all very excited to announce this change, and for the new, combined organization to debut with enhanced capabilities. 

The work conducted at Element 84 and Azavea, respectively, addresses every step in the processing, visualization, and analysis of geospatial and Earth observation data as well as a shared commitment to civic, social, and environmental impact. In addition, both organizations have demonstrated significant ongoing commitments to an open technology ecosystem with significant investments in sharing what they learn and contributing to both open standards and open source software. 

Although some aspects of our work will doubtless evolve over time, our dedication to leaving the world better than we found it will remain unchanged. Once the merger is complete, Element 84 will be a woman-owned small business consisting of over 100 employees representing the best in cloud-native geospatial software engineering, machine learning, project management, data analysis, and UX design. 

Together, we look forward to creating clever solutions for some of the world’s biggest challenges.

For more information about this exciting step forward, you can view our announcement here or reach out to our team directly here

Best wishes, 

Dan, Tracey, Robert, & the combined Element 84 and Azavea leadership team