Azavea Joins the Stripe Climate Effort for Carbon Removal

Azavea Joins the Stripe Climate Effort for Carbon Removal

As a certified B Corp, we’ve long operated with a mission to make positive civic, social, and environmental impact. This has manifested in many of the choices we’ve made as an organization, such as our commitment to give back through our charitable contributions program and our volunteer time off policy. It’s also reflected in our Project Selection guidelines. Using the power of business for good is important to us, so when we heard about the new Stripe Climate effort, we were interested in contributing.

Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure. Azavea maintains two products that have been using Stripe for many years:

  • Cicero helps organizations advocate for causes they believe in, such as environmental protection.
  • OpenTreeMap assists with climate issues by helping groups plant and maintain trees.

Stripe enables our users of these products to easily and securely make purchases.

Last year, Stripe made a commitment to contribute to carbon removal efforts. Most organizations contribute to such efforts by purchasing carbon offsets, typically via a certificate which represents a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide. However, in Stripe’s case, they are going farther by actively funding new carbon removal technologies. It was for this reason that we were even more excited to get involved, especially because it has been projected that existing carbon removal solutions may not be enough to scale to the size of the problem.

The Stripe Climate program allows us to automatically contribute a percentage of our revenue to these frontier carbon removal technologies. Beginning on January 1st of this year, any time a customer makes a Cicero or OpenTreeMap purchase through our sites, 2% of our revenue on that payment will go directly to this effort. 

Depiction of the Model My Watershed water runoff simulation
We focus on projects that support civic, social, and environmental goals, such as our work on watershed modeling.

We know we only have one planet, and we care deeply about it. We’ve been thrilled to engage in other efforts that have supported the climate in the past, including our work on watershed modeling with Model My Watershed, our climate adaptation planning tool Temperate, and the Mapping Africa project which supports efforts to better understand agricultural patterns. Our participation in Stripe Climate is one way that we can continue to use our business to make a positive impact. 

To learn more about how we can help your climate efforts, reach out.