Redrawing the Map on Redistricting White Papers

What’s inside

Three years later after the publication of the Gerrymandering Index white paper, our Cicero product was extended to include more cities, state legislatures and other countries, so we decided to take a fresh look at the process of political redistricting, this time in the context of the 2010 Census.

The “Redrawing the Map on Redistricting 2010: A National Study” white paper and the “Redrawing the Map on Redistricting 2010: The Philadelphia Study” white paper are the results.

With the latest round of Congressional redistricting now complete, Azavea set out to measure districts compactness again and assess how the results have affected the geometry and geography of legislative districts in the United States. The results, written by Daniel McGlone and Robert Cheetham, are in a new white paper “Redrawing the Map on Redistricting 2012 – Addendum”.

Redrawing the Map

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