Access Local Legislative Data for United States Cities

Access Local Legislative Data for United States Cities

Our local legislative district and representative contact information expansion is complete.

In August, we previewed big changes coming to our local government coverage in the United States. Today, we announce that Cicero has expanded to track 2,488 local officials representing over 84 million Americans in the largest cities and towns across the country.

local data coverage Cicero
Population of United States cities with local data coverage in Cicero.

The mayors and council members at local levels have direct influence on issues like transportation, accessibility, zoning, and safety. They face increasingly complex issues in their cities, and we hope providing up-to-date and accurate data about these officials can help make local government more effective.

We are excited to see how users of our API, data licensing, and District Match application will leverage this information for local advocacy and improved communication between elected representatives and their constituents. Building grassroots platforms or running local advocacy campaigns has never been so possible.

Let us know your ideas for using local data and reach out to us with questions.