How to Call Your Representatives Using the Phone2Action Amazon Alexa Skill

By Dan Ford on May 17th, 2017

Last month, Stephanie Thome, Cicero Product Manager, outlined 4 new tools that make it easy to interact with your elected officials:

  1. Phone2Action Amazon Alexa Skill
  2. Facebook Townhall
  3. Countable widget
  4. Advocate platform

We created a quick how-it-works video to help you get started using one of these tools.


All of these new advocacy tools are powered by Cicero, Azavea’s database of elected officials and legislative districts.


Look Up Your Elected Official…Fast!

Try the Cicero database using this interactive tool! Find your elected official’s contact info, including social media accounts:

Find your Elected Officials & Districts using Cicero Live


Azavea’s Cicero product is proud to partner with and provide data to organizations that create advocacy tools like those included in this post.

Please contact our team if you have questions about leveraging our elected official or district information to power your own tool, app, or movement!