5 Reasons Companies Should Become a Certified B Corp

5 Reasons Companies Should Become a Certified B Corp

Did you know that Azavea is a B Corp? Here are 5 reasons why other companies should consider becoming one.

Azavea Re-Certified as a B Corp

Every 2 years, B Lab administers the B Impact Assessment for all B Corps to evaluate if a company is satisfying the performance and legal requirements of a B Corp. Earlier this month, we were re-certified as a B Corporation — a process our company has completed 3 times!

Azavea Re-Certified as B Corp 2017

What is a B Corp?

Azavea is founded on principles of public service, innovation, and impact. We became a B Corporation in 2009 to recognize those principles and to help us more effectively pursue them. Our mission is expressed through our selection of clients and work, by sharing what we learn through open source projects and open data, and through a commitment to learning and professional growth for our colleagues.

B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. –B Lab

Today over 2,000 Certified B Corps from 50 countries and 130 industries are part of this community of companies that are committed to using the power of business for good while meeting rigorous standards of overall social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

5 Reasons to Become a B Corp

Still valid to this day, in 2012 our CEO Robert Cheetham listed five core reasons why other companies should consider becoming a B Corp:

  1. It helps with recruiting (9 out of 10 interviewees listed Azavea’s B Corp status as why they were interested in the job)
  2. It helps with attracting a particular style of investors to a company
  3. It helps with a company’s growth and success by way of developing loyal supporters
  4. It allows a company to give back to its community by inserting mission into the profit model
  5. It allows a company to do things that matter by broadening its required output

Internally, the B Lab’s rigorous and meaningful B Impact Assessment process also keeps us focused. Once they’ve been certified, companies can’t stray from the principles of a B Corp. For us, it has meant improving our commitments to our colleagues and the communities we serve.

From an overall score of 86 in 2009 on the B Impact scoring scale, our score has gone up to 106 in 2017.

Azavea 2017 B Impact Report


Learn how your company can become a B Corporation and start being part of this truly meaningful movement.