Visualize US Museums with MuseumStat

Visualize US Museums with MuseumStat

Use MuseumStat to visualize statistical data related to the location of the organization.

What is MuseumStat?

MuseumStat was developed by Azavea for Drexel University and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) as a resource for museums, communities, and researchers to gain insights into the reach of museums and communities they serve.

Key Features of MuseumStat

  • Display the location of organizations like museums, nature centers, aquariums, and zoos on an interactive map
  • Visualize statistical data related to the location of the organization (i.e. what percent of the population within 1 mile of the Philadelphia Zoo is female?)
  • Display a formatted report with a map and data visualizations that you can present to your board, the community, or potential donors

Use MuseumStat to display the location of organizations like museums, nature centers, aquariums, and zoos on an interactive map.

Who Uses MuseumStat?

Organizations including aquariums, botanical gardens, art museums, nature centers, and zoological parks can use MuseumStat to find out socioeconomic details and other indicators about the community around their facility.

The tool provides museum leaders with American Community Survey data, accessed via an API, to facilitate planning and outreach activities. Data visualization can be downloaded as a PDF report, which enables a case to be made to funders as well as generating data-informed analyses to enhance community impact.

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Community leaders can also use the maps, charts, and graphs to identify important indicators of community health and well-being. Additionally, MuseumStat provides researchers, advocates, and policymakers with important data to understand the potential reach of museums in communities.


Anyone can use MuseumStat or contribute to the project – it’s open source and is available on GitHub.

Learn more about the places you can visit in your area. Find out details about the people living near certain types of museums, gardens, or zoos.

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