Legislative District and Elected Official Data Release

Legislative District and Elected Official Data Release

The Cicero team is excited to announce that we have made local legislative district and elected official contact information available to the public, for free! This summer, we compiled several of our datasets, and released them into the wild on our very own Github repository.


Philadelphia Data

Since Philadelphia is our home, we’re happy to make a data contribution to the community. So if you’re looking for Philadelphia city council districts, or contact information for the city’s elected officials, search no more!


New York City Data

For New York City, we’ve compiled city council districts and council district offices.

When you visit the Cicero Data repo, you’ll find a few other things there as well. Of note are Congressional districts for the 114th and 115th United States Congress. We’ve also published a wealth of information regarding Compactness Statistics, including district compactness Scores for 2014 state upper and lower legislative districts. These scores are based on the research we’ve done around district compactness metrics.

Azavea has a long tradition of supporting open data initiatives, and we’re thrilled to encourage civic engagement and participation with this latest release. If you find it useful, we’d love to hear what you’re doing with it.

Feel free to email or tweet us @CiceroAPI.