GeoPhilly/LocationTech Event Will Feature Talks on Open Source Geospatial Tools

GeoPhilly/LocationTech Event Will Feature Talks on Open Source Geospatial Tools

LocationTech Tour Comes to Philly

Philadelphia’s 4th annual Geo Open Source event is an evening speaker series featuring technical talks on the convergence of open source and geospatial technologies.

This free event is presented by GeoPhilly and sponsored by Azavea and LocationTech.

RSVP to join Philadelphia’s experts in mapping and open source and learn about the innovative work in the field.

This event is part of the the Eclipse Foundation’s LocationTech tour featuring events in numerous cities world wide.

Featured Talks

What is processing geospatial data at scale?: Lessons from a non-developer

Ross Bernet, Azavea / GeoTrellis
Ross Bernet started as the project manager of Azavea’s GeoTrellis project in August. He has a background in GIS, map algebra, and an introductory computer science course under his belt. He will be sharing his insights as he gets up to speed on the complex world of GIS, big data, and open source software development.


Intro to WebSDK

Tom Ingold, Boundless
This talk will walk through Boundless’ new open source framework for easily authoring interactive geospatial web applications. Tom will cover the technologies involved, as well as working demos, code samples and how to contribute. This talk is great for anyone who loves OpenLayers…but wants to make it easier.


Geospatial Analysis Dashboards on the Web with CARTO Builder

Andrew Thompson, CARTO
The geospatial community has long known CartoDB Editor as the best tool to quickly upload geodata into a cloud PostGIS database and make cartographically compelling, interactive web maps. With a new name and a new open source product, CARTO Builder seeks to bring this ease of use and power to a new class of geospatial apps and dashboards that allow users to filter data and build models to analyze it right from a web browser!


NORAD Tracks Santa with open-source geospatial software

Hannah Pinkos, Cesium
For over 60 years, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been tracking Santa’s whereabouts as he travels around the globe Christmas Eve, giving updates to children eagerly awaiting his arrival. This talk highlights how open-source software and open standards are used to bring a 3D experience to millions of people with NORAD Tracks Santa.


Koop: an open-source ETL tool

Patrick Hammons, Esri
Esri is working to make it easier to map all kinds of web services with an open-source ETL tool called Koop. Koop provides a flexible server for dynamically transforming 3rd party data sources (APIs) into Feature Services as well as standard geographic data formats (e.g. GeoJSON and Shapefiles). We’ll introduce the stack and do a quick demo of how Koop can help you bring all kinds of data into your spatial projects.


GeoMesa: Making Big Geo-Data Easy

Jim Hughes, CCRiGeoMesa
GeoMesa is a open-source, distributed, spatio-temporal database which can handle hundreds of millions to billions of records.  In this talk, Jim will describe how the system works and how it makes ingest, analysis, and visualization easy.  The talk will end with a discussion of ongoing work the Jupyter and Zeppelin web notebooks.


Looking into traffic data with the new Mapbox Cities

Dave Cole, MapBox
Dave Cole will introduce the new Mapbox Cities project and show an example of how maps can help tell the story of traffic fatalities in the US.


Geocoding in the Open

Julian Simioni, Mapzen Search Team
Mapzen is building an open-source geocoding engine using nothing but open data. The team will cover some of the challenges inherent to this work and take a peek under the hood to see how the geocoding sausage is made. You’ll never search for an address the same way again!


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