Apply to be a 2016 Summer of Maps Fellow!

Apply to be a 2016 Summer of Maps Fellow!

Applications are now open for students for 2016 Azavea Summer of Maps. Summer of Maps offers $5000 paid fellowships to student spatial analysts to perform geographic data analysis for non-profit organizations. Students will pick from hand selected, engaging projects submitted by non-profits. We are looking for enthusiastic students with GIS analysis experience to apply.

The schedule for the selection process is below:

  • Weds., Mar 9, 11pm – Deadline for Students to submit applications
  • Late-March – Early April – Top candidates are evaluated through interviews and analysis tasks
  • May 1 – Successful Summer of Maps fellows and Projects will be announced
  • Weds., June 1 – Tues., Aug 23 – Summer of Maps fellows work on spatial analysis projects

What will non-profit organizations receive?

  • Pro bono services from a talented student spatial analyst to geographically analyze data
  • Visualizations of data in new and innovative ways
  • Synthesis of other demographic and geographic data to draw new observations
  • High quality maps that can be used to make a case to funders or support new initiatives

What will students learn?

  • How to design and manage a spatial analysis project that supports the social mission of non-profit organizations
  • New and innovative skills from Azavea mentors
  • Professional work experience implementing a real-world GIS project


This is a paid fellowship program opened to full-time or part-time students. Azavea defines a student as an individual accepted into or enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution located in the United States, including community colleges, universities, masters, PhD and undergraduate programs. Alternatively, you may be enrolled in an accredited non-U.S. university, but you must have a valid work visa that enables you to work in the United States (we are not able to sponsor you for a visa or provide travel expenses for travel to the U.S.).  If you are accepted into or enrolled in a college or university program as of April 2015, you are eligible to participate in the program, even if you will graduate during the program. You must be available to work at the Azavea office in Philadelphia starting on June 1, 2015.

Azavea may ask you to provide transcripts or other documentation from your accredited institution as proof of enrollment or admission status. You do not need to be in a Geography or GIS program in order to apply, but you should have experience performing analysis using desktop GIS software.

Submit your application now through Wednesday, March 9th, 11pm ET.