Azavea is Moving!

Azavea is Moving!

More than 13 years ago we moved into the Wolf Building: a funky, artsy building rented by architects, designers, theaters, and artists which used to belong to a packing company, way back in the day.  We loved our small space in the south east corner where Robert’s desk has never moved since that first day.  Being in a loft, we were able to expand by knocking down walls and adding space as neighboring tenants left.

Now after four expansions and numerous games of musical desks, it’s time to move to a larger office.

When we moved to the Wolf Building, we were pioneers in the Callowhill neighborhood.  In this spirit, we will be moving a few blocks further north in Callowhill, to a new Philadelphia frontier; a neighborhood being called “Spring Arts” by Arts & Crafts Holdings, our future  landlords.  Arts & Crafts Holdings aims to transform Spring Arts into a neighborhood “at the collision point of innovation and creativity”.  They hope to attract start-ups, business incubators, creative class individuals and businesses, such as arts and cultural groups, architects, engineers, makers of all kinds, artists, technology, for-profit and not-for-profit groups devoted to civic and social endeavors.

The new office, located at 990 Spring Garden Street, is an opportunity to add amenities we have been lacking: a spacious cafe with a workbar adjacent to a large community room, where we will be able to host larger tech and meetup groups.  We’re also adding many more meeting rooms and lounges; sleeping (naps!) rooms; a lactation room; multiple phone booths peppered throughout; pair programming rooms; two showers; a much larger bike garage … finally, everybody is ecstatic about the new activity room that will have a few power racks, ping pong tables, ab mats, foam rollers, yoga mats … and… yes, an air hockey table!

The decision to move, which also implies we would continue to grow Azavea, did not come easily.  As business owners, we have the responsibility to stay true to the mission and the culture of our business.  But most importantly, we want to continue serving our employees and clients as well as we have in the past.  Growing will inevitably change Azavea, but Robert and I are committed to growing Azavea as we have done in the past:  carefully and deliberately.  Azavea would not be at this juncture if it hadn’t been for the support of our amazing clients and colleagues.  Thank you all so much, and see you at 990 Spring Garden Street in the spring!

photos: Arts & Crafts Holdings