TreesCount!2015 Launches with Heavy Media Attention

TreesCount!2015 Launches with Heavy Media Attention

On May 19, 2015 NYC Parks mapped the first tree of the New York City decennial tree census, TreesCount!2015, using an opensource web and mobile application developed by Azavea. NYC Parks plans to map over 600,000 trees across all 5 boroughs by October 2015 with the help of volunteers.

Jeremy Barrick, Deputy Chief of Forestry, Horticulture, and Natural Resources for NYC Parks discusses the census on WNYC radio talk show: The Takeaway. Listen here.

The New York Times: City Room news blog covered the census launch in New York Today. Read more here.

Jon Campbell from Village Voice interviews Jacqueline Lu from NYC Parks about NYC’s street trees and the purpose of the census. Read more here.

Bill Lucia at Route Fifty discusses how crowdsourcing and technology result in faster, better data compared to past censuses. Read more here.

Robert Wirsing of the Bronx Times covered the launch of TreesCount!2015. Read more here