Azavea Announces Philadelphia Open Data Visualization Contest

Azavea Announces Philadelphia Open Data Visualization Contest

In advance of the upcoming re-launch of, Azavea invites designers, data scientists, developers to share data visualizations that utilize open data found on the portal.

Philadelphia, PA, November 13, 2014 – As part of the Knight Foundation-funded upgrade to the data portal, Azavea, a geospatial analysis (GIS) software development company, invites the public to participate in the OpenDataPhilly Visualization Contest by submitting their data visualizations that utilize data from one or more of the over 200 data resources found on the site.  Data visualizations can be static or interactive and may include maps, infographics, charts or any other creative display of data.  Several submissions will be selected to be featured on the OpenDataPhilly’s new website and up to ten (10) winners will receive Amazon gift cards.  Participants have until Sunday, November 30, 11:59pm to submit their entry at: was created in 2011 by Azavea in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia Office of Innovation & Technology, Tech Impact (formerly NPower PA), TechnicallyPhilly, WHYY, and the William Penn Foundation.  The data portal aimed to provide a hub for publishing and accessing open data by not only the City government but also other organizations, universities and businesses in the region.  While AxisPhilly, the non-profit news and information organization that was managing the site shut down in June 2014, it had received a grant from the Knight Foundation to update and extend the data portal.  Temple University, which incubated AxisPhilly, and Azavea are committed to carrying out the update.

Azavea has both relied upon and contributed to the open data community for many years.  Earlier in 2014, the company became a new regional ODI (Open Data Initiative) Node for Philadelphia as a way to both celebrate the growing availability of open data in the Philadelphia region and to engage in activities that will promote advancement of the open data ecosystem.  In 2013, the firm also joined LocationTech, a new group focused on geospatial open source projects that is part of the Eclipse Foundation.  “We are proud of what we created with OpenDataPhilly. I believe that open data is important not only for government transparency but also for academic research, corporate accountability, and to build new businesses.  OpenDataPhilly is the result of a unique community collaboration across several organizations and serves as a different model for promoting open data policies that are not limited to government,” said Robert Cheetham, Azavea CEO and President.

For more information about the OpenDataPhilly Visualization Contest and to submit visualization projects, visit:

About Azavea – Azavea is a certified B Corporation that applies geographic data and technology for civic and social impact while advancing the state-of-the-art through research.  Find out more at

If you would like more information about Azavea or to schedule an interview with Robert Cheetham, Azavea CEO and President, please contact Amy Trahey at (215) 558-6184 or e-mail