Districts of Westeros Now Available in Cicero!

Districts of Westeros Now Available in Cicero!

The Cicero team is pleased to announce that we’ve added the highly contested and volatile political districts of Westeros. The Cicero API assembles legislative districts and elected official information for six countries and now the Lands of Ice and Fire! You can now send Westerosi addresses to the Cicero API to find detailed information (including lineage and sigil) of each king and lord ruling in any of the seven kingdoms. We also have added historical reigns dating back to Aegon the Conqueror.

We welcome you to send addresses to the Cicero API for example “8600 N. Kings Road, Winterfell of Wolfswood” or “53 Eel Alley, Flea Bottom, Kings Landing” which will return their respective Kings.

We hope you will bear with us as we do our best to keep up with the ever contentious and constantly changing rulers.  Though wildling territories are technically not considered part of seven kingdoms, we are currently monitoring the movements of Mance Rayder as we believe he has the potential to extend his rule south of the wall, into Brandon’s Gift.

Because we pledge to maintain accuracy in our data, we plan only to update the Cicero database based on an official King’s decree and never based on the Spider’s whispers.  We’ve also begun adding the districts for Essos including the Dothraki Sea and their many khalasars though we have found this challenging due to the constant migration of the Dothraki horse lords.

Please stay tuned for the planned upcoming addition of the Shire, Rohan and Mordor.

Click the search link below to access the Districts of Westeros in Cicero.