Today is Data Innovation Day!

Today is Data Innovation Day!


Today, massive amounts of information are collected, analyzed, integrated and disseminated, transforming virtually every industry and offering a wealth of opportunities to enable leaders to make more strategic and better informed decisions that can help shape the world around us.

To mark the important opportunities and diversity that exist within the data economy, Azavea, GeoPhilly and many others from across the world have joined together to present the second annual Data Innovation Day. The celebration promotes the benefits generated by the current revolution in data, and gives participants the opportunity to showcase the latest data innovations and the economic value of the information economy.

GeoPhilly and PhillyPUG is proud to host Philadelphia’s Event, a joint meetup by the two groups, featuring talks by those who add value to public data and make it more accessible by the public. Philadelphia’s Chief Data Officer, Mark Headd, will be opening the event with exciting announcements of newly released data, never before available to the public. Andrew Thompson of Azavea will be presenting on a Python Wrapper for Cicero. Mark Chadwick of Vistar Media will be talking about Processing Geospatial Data with Python and Hadoop. Brian Jacobs, a former Azavean, will talk about MIT SENSable cities project in Singapore. Jen Lowe will also be speaking about data sicence and her work in this sphere.

Our participation in Data Innovation Day highlights our role in the evolution and openness of data and our commitment to promoting continued access of high quality public data. We hope our participation in today’s event helps inform others about the valuable contributions that open and accessible data makes daily to the global economy, the improvement of government, and overall quality of life for citizens around the world.

Data Innovation Day is held today, January 23, 2014 and will feature events in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Austin, TX, and Palo, Alto, CA among others. In addition, over 100 global partners in India, Ireland, England, Turkey, Nepal, Russia, Ukraine and Australia, will participate in social media and other virtual activities.