Meet Our New Staff!

Meet Our New Staff!

Azavea has welcomed two more Software Developers
to the Justice and Election Services Team!

Andrew Fink joins Azavea as a Software Developer on the Justice and Election Services Team.  Before joining Azavea, Andrew worked at Weather Underground as a Meteorological Software Developer, researching new ways to aggregate and display the data from the company’s extensive Personal Weather Station (PWS) network.  He was also a member of the development team for the WunderMap and architected a framework for generating text forecasts from the PWS network in over 30 languages.  As an undergraduate at Penn State, Andrew worked on various projects in both the Meteorology and Computer Science departments, including single station lightning detection research, atmospheric dispersion modeling, and the Campus Weather Service website.

In his free time, Andrew can be found dodging clouds in any of a number of single engine airplanes, and is currently working through an aerobatic training program after acquiring his tailwheel endorsement in June 2011.  Andrew’s other sunny day activities include volleyball, skiing and hiking.  On wetter days, he can be found hanging out at home with a book and a microbrew, or running in the rain.

Derek Dohler joins Azavea as a Software Developer on the Justice and Election Services Team.  He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.  He also has a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School.  Prior to joining Azavea, Derek worked for three years as head of the web development team at the Georgian chapter of Transparency International, the global anti-corruption movement (the Georgia near Turkey, not the US state).  There, he oversaw the development of web applications designed to promote government transparency in Georgia, including a local adaptation of MySociety’s FixMyStreet concept, and a website monitoring the voting history and financial assets of members of the Georgian Parliament.  He also developed software to assist TI Georgia’s researchers in studying the state procurement contracts won by corporations affiliated with high-level government officials.

In his free time, Derek can be found inside a dance studio learning ballet and tap dance, or exploring the city on his bicycle.  Derek also enjoys studying the Georgian language, playing with his cat, and whistling along with Broadway musical soundtracks.