Quoting and Invoicing Projects in Bitcoins

Quoting and Invoicing Projects in Bitcoins

Azavea is pleased to announce that starting April 1st, 2013 (today) we will be quoting and invoicing projects in Bitcoins instead of US Dollars.   The currency switch allows us to streamline our expansion into international markets by standardizing on one globally available currency.  Furthermore, embracing a new digital currency is aligned with the ethos of Azavea around innovation, transparency, and web-based systems.

Embracing Bitcoins as our currency of record was only a matter of time due to our focus on digital innovation at Azavea.  We look forward to working with our clients to aid the transition to this new currency. — Robert Cheetham, CEO

Besides charging clients in the new Bitcoin currency, Azavea will begin paying staff members in the new currency starting at the end of this month.  With Bitcoin transactions completing in approximately 10 minutes, this change provides additional time for our CEO to submit payroll and automatically provides access to salaries and reimbursements to staff.

I’m excited not to have to remember to deposit reimbursement checks.   The new digital currency will also allow me to script transactions against my Bitcoin Wallet. — Bennet Huber, software developer

For questions about our switch to Bitcoin or to receive a wallet address to remit payment to, please contact us at info@azavea.com.