Mobile Version of PhillyTreeMap Now Available

Mobile Version of PhillyTreeMap Now Available

We’re excited to announce that PhillyTreeMap is now available as a mobile app for iPhone and iPad devices! You can download the app for free at

Launched in April 2011, PhillyTreeMap is a web-based map database of trees in the greater 13 county, 3 state region. Containing tree inventories from Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and the Township of Lower Merion, PhillyTreeMap provides an opportunity for members of the public to search, view, and add to a map of our urban forest.

While people have been adding trees to PhillyTreeMap for months now, we hope that the mobile app version of the site will make that process just a little bit easier. Walking down the street and see a great tree? Add it to PhillyTreeMap in a few seconds using your phone. Make sure the trees on your street are in the system by having a neighborhood tree mapping party. Teach your kids about the natural environment and importance of trees by going on a field expedition to map the trees near your home. The possibilities are endless!

With the trees and info in PhillyTreeMap, we can create a more complete picture of the state of our urban forest. A healthy urban tree population helps lower energy costs, improve water and air quality, and contributes to the aesthetics of our communities. Using PhillyTreeMap, you can view the ecological and financial benefits of the trees in your neighborhood. Add more trees and see the benefits increase.

For all you Android users, have no fear – an Android version of the PhillyTreeMap app is under development and should be available in the next couple months. Until then, you can access the website via your mobile browser or via a tablet device. Most functionality is available, although the site is not optimized for a mobile screen size.

We’ll hope you give the new PhillyTreeMap mobile app a try and let us know what you think. We’ll continue development on the project over the next few months and feedback is greatly appreciated!

Work on the OpenTreeMap software (which powers PhillyTreeMap) is partially funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under Agreement No. 2010-33610-20937 and 2011-33610-30862 of the Small Business Innovation Research Grants Program.