New Faces at Azavea

New Faces at Azavea

Azavea has welcomed a few new faces over the past month. As the business continues to grow, so does the number of Azaveans! We are excited to welcome Chad, Brian, Angela, and Nse to our team.

In May, Chad Misiuk joined Azavea as a GIS Analyst for the Office of Watersheds at the Philadelphia Water Department.  Chad has a Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Science from Central Michigan University. Chad’s previous experience includes working as a GIS Specialist in Price William County, VA utilizing Esri software to manage the Stormwater Infrastructure database.  In Chad’s free time he enjoys watching movies, creating and tasting batches of home brewed beers, and cooking meals with his fiancée.  He also enjoys taking his bike for a spin around the city from time to time.

In June, we welcomed Brian Alexandrowicz to our UI/UX Design team.  Brian graduated from the University of the Arts in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.  Brian previously worked as a Production Artist for Bloomberg L.P., one of the world’s leading providers of financial news and data.  While there, he created collateral and digital artwork for clients across the globe, including some in London, Tokyo, and Dubai.  Brian also worked as a contract designer with Night Kitchen Interactive creating artwork for several client projects, including Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and the College of Physicians of Philadelphia’s “History of Vaccines” website.  In his free time, Brian enjoys cooking and participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and running.

We also welcomed our first two Summer of Maps Fellows to Azavea!

Angela Sakrison recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters degree in Environmental Studies.  Angela’s graduate work focused on using GIS to solve environmental problems.  Concentrating her degree in resource management, she also completed a Certificate in GIS and Spatial Analysis from the Penn School of Design. This past year Angela has worked as a GIS tutor, and as a guest GIS lecturer, teaching the fundamentals of ArcGIS software to University of Pennsylvania architecture students.  In her free time, Angela loves exploring Philadelphia and the odd nooks and crannies of rural Pennsylvania.  A native of the Pacific Northwest, she dreams most nights about marine mammals and ferryboats.

Nse Umoh Esema recently graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Masters degree in City Planning.  Much of her work at MIT was focused on applying GIS skills and analysis to issues in urban planning and international development.  She has worked on a number of spatial analysis projects that range from an assessment of the most suitable areas for rainwater harvesting in Rwanda to exploring the relationship between crime and foreclosure trends in the Geneva-Bowdoin neighborhood for the city of Boston.  In her free time, Nse enjoys traveling, cooking, exploring the public spaces and cuisines of urban neighborhoods, and dancing.