Vote to Help Nonprofits Gain Access to City Data

Vote to Help Nonprofits Gain Access to City Data

OpenDataVote – a cooperative effort between Azavea, Tech Impact, Media, Code for Philly, the City of Philadelphia and others – gives the public an opportunity to vote for the data sets they believe their government should release as open data. The public voting stage of OpenDataVote continues until May 1 at 5pm ET. Individuals are allowed one vote per day for the term of the contest.

OpenDataVote: a chance to advocate for City data releases and win prize money for nonprofits

Three Phases

  1. Nomination: Nonprofit organizations nominate one or more existing data sets that would be useful to the organization, but aren’t currently available to the public.
  2. Voting: The general public votes for either their favorite organization or the data set they want to see released.
  3. Data Release: OpenDataVote Partners will work with government representatives to publish the data sets that receive the most votes from the public. Nonprofits will be awarded prize money from OpenDataVote Sponsors if their data nomination wins.

Why should I vote?

  • Help nonprofits win prize money – The nonprofit organizations that win the most votes from the public will receive cash prizes from our generous sponsors
  • Gain access to data to use for analysis and visualization projects – We will coordinate with the City of Philadelphia to publish the winning data sets on OpenDataPhilly

Vote today!

Visit this site to cast your vote for the data you want to see published as open data!