Visualize the Burn Extent of Forest Fires with Raster Foundry

September 6th, 2017

When our colleague in British Columbia shared a map of the widespread forest fires in western Canada, the Raster Foundry team was inspired to act. The team built an application that allows users to explore a forest fire change detection model on satellite imagery. The model is based on Jarlath O’Neill-Dunne’s work and when applied to satellite imagery, displays the burn extent of forest fires.

Damage of British Columbia Wild Fires (July 2017) with Raster Foundry

At it’s core, the app is built on top of the Raster Foundry API and allows the user to browse a selection of documented forest fires, access Planet imagery before and after the fire, and visualize and measure the burn extent of the flames.

Read more about the data and models used in the application in this blog post by the Raster Foundry team.

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