NatGeo Senior Graphics Editor & Azavea Alumni to Present at Azavea Office Feb 10

February 6th, 2017

GeoPhilly and Hacks/Hackers Philadelphia are cohosting an event at the Azavea office this Friday, February 10, 2017.


Join us to hear from Brian Jacobs, Senior Graphics Editor at National Geographic, who will talk about his work on recent projects like “Rewind the Red Planet” and “Follow the Elk’s Perilous Journey“. Brian works on mapping and journalism projects that use dynamic visualization techniques to help bring the stories to life.

Follow the Elk's Perilous Journey by Brian Jacobs
A segment of “Follow the Elk’s Perilous Journey” by Brian Jacobs/National Geographic

At the event, Brian will provide a technical breakdown of each project, including lessons learned, dev and UX issues, and examples of cartographic decisions with reference to National Geographic map standards.

Before joining National Geographic, Brian was a Knight-Mozilla Fellow at ProPublica and worked in Philly at Azavea.