GoPhillyGo Wins Best of Philly Award “Best Website for Cyclists”

July 20th, 2017

GoPhillyGo, a multimodal transit routing application, is a project of the Clean Air Council, Azavea, and Warkulwiz Design Associates. The project is funded by the William Penn Foundation.

GoPhillyGo multi-modal routing application built by Azavea

Users can plan trips that combine biking, walking, and public transportation travel options. The tool also highlights locations of interest in the greater Philadelphia area and helps travelers access the locations without driving a car.

GoPhillyGo includes details for pedestrian and Indego bike share routes – bicyclists can get directions from one bike share station to another.

GoPhillyGo received the Best of Philly award for “2017 Best Website for Cyclists”.

Azavea is grateful to be part of the GoPhillyGo team and appreciates the recognition of the work that went into building a tool that promotes more eco-friendly transportation.
GoPhillyGo multi-modal routing application built by Azavea

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