Here are the Four Projects our Summer of Maps Fellows will Complete this Summer

Here are the Four Projects our Summer of Maps Fellows will Complete this Summer

The Azavea Summer of Maps program is a 12-week fellowship, now in its 9th year. The fellowship matches geospatial data analysis students with experienced mentors at Azavea to complete projects for nonprofit organizations.

2019 Summer of Maps Fellows and Mentors

Last year Azavea fellows completed excellent projects, ranging from mapping substandard housing in Philadelphia to analyzing travel barriers for voters in Montana. Check out full descriptions of all of our past work on the Summer of Maps site and browse through some of the fellows’ blogs detailing their work:

This summer, our Data Analytics Team will be working with two fellows to complete four high-impact projects for nonprofits. To read a full description of each project, click on a project title below.

2020 Azavea Summer of Maps projects

The State Gun Law Project: Understanding the Effectiveness of Gun Laws through Spatial Analysis

Fellow: Eugene Chong
Nonprofit: PennPraxis

Analyzing & Addressing Social Issues with OSM & Sustainable Development Goals

Fellow: Eugene Chong
Nonprofit: OpenStreetMap US

Monitoring Impacts of the U.S. – Mexico Border Wall on Endangered Wildlife

Fellow: Evelyn Gorey
Nonprofit: Defenders of Wildlife

Hunting Park: a Model for Urban Cooling

Fellow: Evelyn Gorey
Nonprofit: Esperanza, Inc

Get Involved

We are very excited to work with our 2020 Summer of Maps fellows and support them through their work with these organizations. If you are interested in applying for a fellowship position or project for the 2021 Azavea Summer of Maps program, sign up for our mailing list.

Become a Sponsor

Summer of Maps is organized by Azavea, but we are always looking for partners or sponsors! Please reach out if you are interested in sponsoring a fellow, mentor, or nonprofit organization for 2020!

If you would like more information about the Summer of Maps program or about ways you can get involved, contact