OpenDataPhilly Gets a New Look and More Datasets

Just in time for International Open Data Day, Azavea launched a re-designed and re-engineered  Re-launching the application took more than just re-imagining what it might look like.  We built the new site on a more powerful platform, migrated data, metadata, and users, and cleaned up the old database.  We also worked closely with the…

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Open Transit Indicators Enable Cities to Design Better Transit Systems

If you had the opportunity to design a new subway line for your city, where would you put it?  Where should the stations be?  Working with the World Bank, we recently released an open-source tool, called Open Transit Indicators, that will help transit planners answer these types of questions.  Open Transit Indicators enables users to…

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More Sustainable Cities with Building Energy Benchmarking

Want to decrease a city’s carbon footprint?  A good starting point may be with the largest offender: buildings, which account for more than 60% of all greenhouse gas emissions in most cities.  Until very recently, however, there wasn’t enough data to act on this.  The past few years have seen a significant change, however, with…

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2015 OSGeo Codesprint: Group

The City of Brotherly Love Welcomes the 2015 OSGeo Code Sprint

Open source software projects are often a virtual collaboration that spans the entire world.  “Code sprints” are an opportunity for an otherwise distributed team to get together in the same place and tackle larger problems that benefit from having folks together in the same room.  Code sprints can be a day or a week, but…

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What the Heck is … Poplus?

The past several years have seen a number of free, low cost and open source software tools developed to support community building, civic engagement, and activism.  In addition to Azavea’s own Cicero database of elected officials and legislative district boundaries, there is a long list of related tools, including: TheyWorkForYou,,, NationBuilder,,,…

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FOSS4G North America
Burlingame, CA March 9-12, 2015
Robert Cheetham, Eugene CheipeshSarah CordivanoRob Emanuele, Matt McFarland, and Kathryn Killebrew will be attending and presenting on GeoTrellis, Open Data, and CartoDB Torque.

Emerging Technology for the Enterprise
Philadelphia, PA April 7-8, 2015
Rick Mohr will be attending.

Philly Tech Week: Balloon Mapping Launch
Philadelphia, PA April 22, 2015
Sarah Cordivano is co-organizing the event.

Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting
Chicago, IL April 21-25, 2015
Daniel McGlone will be attending.

Chicago, IL April 30-May 1, 2015
Robert Cheetham, Daniel McGlone, and Tyler Dalhberg will be attending.