The Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF) aims to stabilize housing for families by connecting families to other services so that they’re better-equipped to avoid utility termination, eviction, and foreclosure in the future. This organization has provided over $65 million of utility assistance to over 150,000 families since 1983.

Since each UESF grant is matched dollar for dollar by Philadelphia utilities, they require an annual report to help City Council better understand the impact of their organization’s work as it relates to each council district and type of utility.

UESF cartography and data analysis by Azavea

For most years since 2010, we have compiled a report that describes the impact of utility and housing assistance provided by the UESF to vulnerable families who reside in the ten City Council Districts of Philadelphia.

We provide data cleaning, geocoding, district assignment, summary statistics generation, cartography, and digital report preparation for each report. Summary statistics range from average assistance per family to dollar amount of total assistance per council district. The associated maps display assistance by block group within each council district, as well as an overview of assistance to the city as a whole.