Robert is the President and CEO of Azavea.

Robert has an MLA in Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Japanese Studies from the University of Michigan. Prior to founding Azavea, Robert served as a software developer and analyst for the Philadelphia Police Department, the University of Pennsylvania, and the City of Philadelphia. Prior to living in Philadelphia, he served as a Coordinator for International Relations in Konan-cho, Japan.

Robert currently serves on the board of the Callowhill Neighborhood Association, as Executive Director of the Japanese Garden Research Network, as an occasional lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, and on the Advisory Board for the Masters of GIS Program at Pennsylvania State University.

Robert enjoys traveling, hiking, film, food, and reading an eclectic range of topics. He is also an avid listener of audible books, podcasts and music. Snow, rain or sleet, he rides his bicycle to work every day.