Data Analytics for the Greater Philadelphia Cultural AllianceThe Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance is the umbrella organization that advocates on behalf of and supports the over 300 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in the Philadelphia region. With support from The Pew Charitable Trusts, the Cultural Alliance partnered with us to develop new data analytics and mapping tools to chart demand for arts and culture.

Each organization’s data is coded by the discipline of the organization — such as theater, dance, or education. Furthermore, the patronage data is coded by type of patron — single ticket buyer, student, or donor and year of participation. We conducted a geospatial analysis of the geocoded households to display them on a map along with relevant demographic data.

In addition to the Cultural Alliance’s own member data, we researched and purchased other datasets to profile households and identify more specific niche markets for organizations. Lastly, we developed a custom geodatabase for the data and a set of ArcToolbox models to process and display the data.