The Clean Air Council is an environmental organization that works to defend and protect the public’s right to breathe clean air. This nonprofit focuses on a variety of sustainability and public health initiatives. We worked with the Clean Air Council to encourage sustainable transit options that reduce negative impact on air quality.

GoPhillyGo is a custom web application that makes it easy for users to plan multimodal routes that combine biking, walking, and public transit options.

The application goes beyond simple directions to enable users to customize their routes to their needs. Users select options that determine the difficulty of the route. For example, one user can create a running or biking route that requires a real workout to complete. Another user can plan a more leisurely walking trip through the neighborhood by selecting from options such as “flatter” or “safer”.

GoPhillyGo can also show users educational destinations, historic sites, parks, or other places of interest within a specified travel time. Looking for places to go within a ten- or twenty-minute transit ride? GoPhillyGo provides a list of options with prospective travel times. Users can even access a brief description of each destination as further incentive to travel there.

We used OpenTripPlanner to engineer the routing components of GoPhillyGo, in addition to several other open source libraries and open data sources throughout the application.

The current website has a custom responsive user interface that works on mobile devices. A companion application for Android is now available on GooglePlay!