Mary is on the Business Development Team at Azavea and provides proposal and bid development support.

She researches and reviews potential RFPs and grant solicitations and provides proposal, grant and technical writing services for selected opportunities. She also helps out with articles and papers. Mary particularly enjoys the challenge of researching and developing grant applications, because they enable her to explore innovative and exciting uses for GIS technology.

As a writer, one of Mary’s favorite personal projects was contributing to an interactive CD-ROM that teaches reading skills to elementary school children. She has also provided scripts for training films, new product announcements, and documentaries within the petroleum industry.

Before joining Azavea, Mary worked in the civil engineering field where she provided technical writing, marketing, and related support services to promote municipal mapping applications in the tri-state region. She also made numerous presentations on municipal GIS applications for ESRI, URISA, MACURISA, ASPRS, ASCE, NACIS, and other GIS conferences, both locally and nationwide. Prior to that, she has held positions in facilities management, the petroleum industry, and municipal library services.

Mary served as member of the URISA Publications Committee and URISA Workshop Development Committee from 2006 to 2008. She also served on the Conference Committee for the 2006 MACURISA GIS Conference. In addition, she has provided regular book reviews for Cartographic Perspectives, the magazine of the North American Cartographic Information Society.

Mary enjoys maritime history, long walks on the beach, visiting lighthouses, reading biographies, quilting, exploring the local scene with her nephews, and spending time in Maine. She also enjoys writing projects that engage children, including preparing a regular newsletter dedicated to the children of friends and family.


Published papers with Azavea:

  • Johnson, M., L. Krueger-Braneky, and R. Cheetham, 2010, Leveraging Geographic Indicators to Site Sustainable Business. Canadian Sustainability Indicators Network, in publication.
  • Johnson, M., and R. Cheetham, 2010, Using Web-Based GIS to Manage Hardcopy Infrastructure Plans. American Water Resources Association, conference proceedings.

Other published works: