KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) Philadelphia Schools is a network of public charter schools across the United States. KIPP Provides a quality education to underserved children to help them get to and through college. KIPP wanted to examine shifting demand for its services, and to assess potential new school locations based on unmet need.

As part of this project, we downloaded and processed spatial boundaries, Census data, and data on KIPP’s constituent families. KIPP helped define what constitutes demand using a mixture of Census sociodemographic data from the American Community Survey. By normalizing the data, we were able to make comparisons between individual variables and create weighted measures for a suitability analysis.

This suitability analysis was customized for each goal: One explored the highest priority areas to recruit new students and families, the other identified high priority areas to site new facilities. The final products included a series of maps and a customized model tool in ArcGIS specific to KIPP’s needs.