Webinar Recording: HunchLab 102 & 103

By azavea on December 26th, 2012

We recently completed the second and third webinars in our HunchLab training series.

The second webinar, HunchLab 102, covered how the Hunches within HunchLab detect localized spikes in crime (an early warning system) and outlines how a user interacts with the application.  While HunchLab applies this process to crime data, the underlying method is applicable to other space-time event data such as real estate transactions, tweets, etc.


The third webinar, HunchLab 103,  looks at the risk forecasting techniques within HunchLab and how to interpret their output.  In particular, the software automates two processes.   The first process is identifying short-term elevations in risk due to the contagion effect of crime within a small geographic area — near repeat pattern analysis.   The second process is predicting aggregate incident load based upon various temporal cycles (the day of the week, the time of the year, and the time of the day).