Matt McFarland

Vice President of Engineering

Matt is Vice President of Engineering and Technical Lead for the Civic Applications Team at Azavea.

He graduated with High Distinction from Penn State University with a B.S. in Management Information Systems.  He worked for a number of years in Denver navigating the ArcObjects library to deliver GIS processing and editing tools to many large utilities and municipalities.  Deciding to go out on his own, he ended up in London writing an online GIS editor for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and then back to the states for more utility work with ArcFM and ArcGIS.

Outside of his technology work, Matt helped start and run a half acre urban farm in Germantown complete with a dozen chickens and a small apiary. They sell weekly vegetable shares to neighbors, friends, and to the neighborhood Food Co-op.  He is also a founding member of the Philadelphia Urban Farming Network, The Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild and the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Growers Alliance Program.

Farm work consumes most of Matt’s hobby time, which he enjoys, along with the various building, repairing, designing and planning tasks that go along with it.  If there’s any time left, a book or a bike ride would suit him just fine.