Kenny is a Senior Software Engineer on the Geospatial Applications Team.

Kenny has a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Connecticut. The coolest project he worked on while there was a not-so-massive multiplayer online role-playing game that he developed along with three others. It featured a real-time combat system among players as well as basic AI enemies, a chat system, and plenty of loot.

Prior to working at Azavea, Kenny worked at Graham Capital Management developing various components used for automated electronic trading. He implemented a trading systems framework, several algorithms that plugged into the framework, and an accompanying graphical tool used for monitoring and manual intervention. At Azavea, he enjoys the challenge of pushing browsers to their limits to deliver feature-rich tools and usability. He’s particularly excited about the future of the law enforcement field, and is looking forward to bringing the latest ideas being researched to life.

Kenny likes yoga and noisy music (although not necessarily at the same time), and hopes to one day perfect an equation to locate the perfect food truck burrito.