Dan Ford

Community Ambassador

Dan Ford is the Community Ambassador at Azavea. Dan coordinates content marketing and business development efforts, organizes tech events, manages Azavea’s community space, promotes Azavea’s fellowship programs, advocates for open data access, and contributes to open source projects. Dan joins these efforts to cultivate community around Azavea’s mission of positive civic, social, and environmental impact.

Dan has an eclectic set of interests. At the University of Delaware, Dan was a triple major (agriculture and natural resources studies, wildlife ecology, and entomology). Some of Dan’s previous experience includes time with the USDA in a quarantine facility studying the biological control of invasive pests, managing a portion of the university farm that donated all produce to the Food Bank of Delaware, and working as an environmental scientist at a consulting firm, doing everything from wetland delineations and wildlife studies to mapping species habitat potential. Most recently, Dan was a GIS Specialist with an engineering firm where he analyzed environmental and landscape constraints related to potential development scenarios.

Some of Dan’s community service work has included coordinating Philly Drum Project events and helping lead a global citizen science initiative for three years. Dan is also an active member of the open data and tech scene – he organizes GeoPhilly events and works with groups like MaptimePHL and Code for Philly.

Dan doesn’t leave his interest in maps and spatial data at the office. He loves placing markers on his wall map to record his travels. Dan’s passions also include enjoying local restaurants and venues, playing music with friends, training a therapy dog with his wife, and exploring Philly parks.