Chip is the Vice President of Professional Services at Azavea. He provides senior leadership and direction to Azavea’s professional services teams, including Civic Apps, Data Analytics, Geospatial Insights, Operations, Urban Apps, Urban Ecosystems, and UX Design.

Chip has been with Azavea for more than 10 years and held previous roles including Project Manager of the Civic Applications team and Director of Operations. As a Project Manager, Chip’s project portfolio included a range of municipal, federal, and international projects. Also, as Director of Operations, Chip managed the implementation and maintenance the company’s information technology infrastructure.

Prior to joining Azavea, Chip worked as a Project Manager in the financial services industry and worked briefly in politics as a speech writer and aide to a local mayor. He has a BA in Political Science from the University of Delaware Honors Program and spent a stint studying in Japan.

Chip has hustled poker on a cross-country train, overcome beer snobbery, tied a tourniquet, been kicked out of a standing president’s audience, and recorded a song he wrote on a guitar he made. He hopes to one day sail away.