Use the power of geography to display, retrieve, and manage digital media.

What is Sajara?

By adding the power of geographic search and visualization to your collection, Sajara lets users retrieve and organize assets byaddress, intersection, neighborhood, and geographic areas such as states and countries.  Users can even zoom and pan around a map to view the assets located in a specific geographic area.  More traditional search criteria such as keywords, tags, and time period are also available.

The display of assets includes descriptive information, a map, thumbnail images, and video or audio streams, including the option to view assets in Google Maps or Google Earth.

Main Features

  • Search by geography or more conventional searches like keywords, dates, metadata fields
  • Share assets with colleagues or friends
  • Bookmark searches that get updated each time an asset is added
  • Subscribe to RSS Feeds to get notification when assets are added
  • Get Geographic Information as GeoRSS
  • View collection in Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Street View
  • Configure the metadata of your choice
  • Configure different collections as part of a consortium
  • Define different levels of user accessibility and roles
  • Organize and manage assets, metadata, sales, messaging, and user accounts
  • Geocode and tag assets
  • Manage and generate custom reports on site, user, and sales activity
  • Manage QueryString interface (GET-based URL interface) for safely linking from external systems to the Sajara system

System Requirements

  • Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL
  • Windows Server 2003
  • .Net Framework 
  • ASP.Net
  • MapServer, ArcGIS Server or ESRI ArcIMS , Microsoft Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, and other compliant map servers

Case Studies


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