Use the power of geography to display, retrieve, and manage digital media.

What is Sajara?

Sajara® provides organizations with easy-to-use geographical tools to assist them with geo-referencing, managing, retrieving, and displaying digitized photographs, maps, audio, and video files.  

Sajara enables users to retrieve and organize assets by any address, intersection, neighborhood, and geographic areas such as neighborhoods, states and countries. Searches can also be refined by keywords, date ranges, tags, author/photographer names, collection ID, and other criteria.

Sajara’s Mobile module enables collections to be accessed from any phones or handheld computers with internet access, while its E-commerce Module enables users to purchase copies of your assets, bringing additional revenue to your organization.

Through the system’s secure Archive Manager, asset metadata can be updated and maintained. Administrators can also manage user roles, assigning different levels of access to the database.

Sajara can accommodate collections from one or multiple organizations, enabling the creation of regional digital consortia to serve smaller entities. Assets can also be watermarked with the logo of each organization while access to their metadata and sales can be restricted to the organization that owns them.


Main Features

  • Search by geography or more conventional searches like keywords, dates, metadata fields
  • Easily geocode and tag assets without any GIS skills
  • Upload JPG, PNG, PDF, and many audio and video files types
  • View collection in Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Street View
  • Share assets with colleagues or friends
  • Save favorites into your account
  • Report errors to collection owner
  • Purchase copies of assets
  • Configure the metadata of your choice
  • Configure different collections as part of a consortium
  • Define different levels of user accessibility and roles
  • Monitor user accounts, comments, and system edits
  • Manage and generate custom reports on site, user, and sales activity
  • Accessible through smartphones and tablets

System Requirements

  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL
  • Web/Application Server: Windows Server, .Net Framework, ASP.Net
  • Mapping: ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS Online , OpenStreetMap, and other compliant map servers.

Case Studies