"Through our KIF-powered web application, MetroPhilaMapper, we serve hundreds of indicators to our clients in a simple, intuitive, yet extremely powerful, tool. At our trainings, clients are thrilled at MetroPhilaMapper's capabilities and impressed with how quickly they can learn to use it."

- Michelle Schmitt, Former Project Coordinator, Temple University, MPIP


Visualize, map, chart, graph, compare and analyze data aggregated at different geographic levels in one single web-based system.


What is Kaleidocade?

The Kaleidocade Indicators Framework (KIF) provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use web interface that enables you and your constituents to use the power of maps to explain growth, identify trends, compare indicators, understand behaviors, and target new markets.

Kaleidocade can support hundreds indicators at local, state, national and global scales.  It integrates with the Esri ArcGIS platform to create a fast and robust system that offers a huge number of configuration options to fit the needs of your organization.


Main Features

  • Map your own data, even very large data sets
  • Customize your map with a variety of color ramps, map breaks, and map layers, then save them as an image or export them as a PDF
  • Create Indicator Collections for easy comparisons and analysis
  • Create scatter plots to discover correlations between indicators 
  • Analyze your data by displaying it in histograms, summary statistics, and sortable tables
  • Get indicator trends for specific geographic areas and see how they evolve in time
  • Create template reports on either a single geographic area or multiple geographic units, e.g. 2 different municipalities.
  • Manage user accounts, monitor activity dashboard and site states, and customize your application
  • Export your data as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Comma Delimited Text, XML, SPSS, or IXF file formats
  • Integrate with other systems through a comprehensive API

KIF is offered both as licensed software and as a service hosted by Azavea.



System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2003
  • .NET Framework
  • ASP.Net
  • Base Maps: OpenStreetMap, ArcGIS.com, Bing Maps, or Google Maps
  • SQL Server or PostgreSQL


Case Studies



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