HunchLab 2.0: The Future In Sight

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web-based software for geographic crime analysis, early warning, and risk forecasting

Who Uses HunchLab?

HunchLab provides law enforcement agencies with easy-to-use tools for crime mapping and analysis. It is an ideal solution for local, state, and national law enforcement agencies as well as fusion centers.    

HunchLab's capabilities extend far beyond basic crime visualization tools. Through geographic data mining and risk forecasting, HunchLab provides actionable intelligence that your agency can use to more effectively deploy resources.  

Our goal is to provide an analysis platform that can equally serve both the officer with the most basic crime mapping needs as well as the analyst managing advanced risk assessment across a jurisdiction.  

Crime Analysis 

Equip officers, analysts, and special units with crime mapping and analysis tools

Early Warning 

Automated geographic data mining detects areas of unusual activity for further analysis and proactive intervention

Risk Forecasting 

Forecast risk levels across your jurisdiction using sound analysis methodologies published by leading crime geographers

Did you know?

Hunchlab's analytic and predictive algorithms are based on research published by academic crime researchers.



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