DistrictBuilder is used for public redistricting in New York


Azavea's open source software, DistrictBuilder, has received some more media attention recently for its help in the 2012 New York Redistricting Project. 



Zack Stieber of The Epoch Times highlights the winners of the 2012 New York Redistricting Project and mentions DistrictBuilder, the open source software Azavea helped develop, as a source that helped people become more involved in this project. Read more here.


Sam Levin of The Village Voice blogs about New York Redistricting and the winners of the NY Redistricting Project. DistrictBuilder is credited for making it easier to be a part of the whole redistricting process in 2012. Read his blog here.


Dan Rosenblum of the Capital mentions Azavea and the open source software we helped develop, DistrictBuilder, as how students were able to create templates for the NY Redistricting Project. Read more here.


Serena Solomon of DNA info out of Manhattan also wrote about the New York Redistricting project and mentioned DistrictBuilder. Read her article here.


A news release that came from the University at Buffalo highlights all of the winners of the New York Redistricting project and DistrictBuilder is mentioned as the open source software used by students. Read the news release here.