Fix Philly Districts' strong impact on the public and the City of Philadelphia in recent weeks

thumb launched Philadelphia's first ever redistricting competition in early August. Since then, there has been much attention geared towards the whole experience by multiple media outlets. From the drawing of the maps, to City Council meetings, to choosing the winners, Fix Philly Districts really has had an impact on the City of Philadelphia in recent weeks.


NewsWorks' Chris Satullo says that citizen-driven democracy can work and how is a great experiment for the City of Philadelphia.

Chris Satullo also talks about the winning maps. There were 70 valid entries, with 7 maps being chosen and presented to City Council at their final redistricting hearing on Tuesday, September 6th.

Doron Taussig from reflects on Chris Satullo from NewsWorks' statement that "Citizens are better at redistricting than Council" and how Fix Philly Districts is making this all possible.

Doron Taussig also talks about the winning map from the recent redistricting competition and how the public is a key element in the final decisions.

The Philadelphia Daily News overviews the redistricting competition and highlights the overall winning map, as well the maps for Ward splits, equal population, and compactness.

CBS Philly reporter, Mike Dunn, profiles Azavea and the purpose of Robert Cheetham, President of Azavea, explains “Our greatest hope is that council will consider the winning plans..."


Jennifer Sun of The Daily Pennsylvanian, describes how aimed to increase transparency in the redistricting process.

techPresident profiles Azavea and, and Nick Judd talks about how this contest has had such an adverse effect in other cities.

The Mt. Airy Patch goes inside one of the Redistricting hearings and explains how the maps from the Fix Philly Districts contest can hopefully leave an impression on City Council for change.


David Gerber of Politics PA, takes a look at the winners of the Fix Philly Districts contest and what the motives and goals are behind this redistricting contest.