Explore PA History

The ExplorePAHistory website uses web services to generate interactive maps of key historical sites in Pennsylvania.

Client: Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)

Challenge:  The ExplorePAHistory website was developed as a gateway to the history of Pennsylvania.  The site lists a set of the state’s historic markers, stories about historic events in Pennsylvania, and resources for teaching about the state’s history.  The developers wanted to incorporate maps to support the interpretive features on the site, without deploying a complex GIS infrastructure.

Solution:  Azavea developed a service-oriented architecture that enables interactive maps to be displayed on the ExplorePAHistory website while being generated at a remote facility at Pennsylvania State University.  Users can zoom, pan and re-center the maps to visualize the marker in its wider geographic context.

Outcomes:  The addition of interactive maps to the ExplorePAHistory website greatly enhances its utility for users.  This application is also a good example of a Web Service that can provide maps for virtually any website that requires location maps of Pennsylvania. The ExplorePAHistory website gets over 20,000 unique visitors each month.

Website: www.explorepahistory.com