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Never Feel You’re “Shooting in the Dark” Ever Again!

By in Vol. 3 Issue 6, December 2008

How does your organization go about visualizing geographic factors that are inherently linked to the success or feasibility of a project? How do you determine what optimal areas of a city, a neighborhood, or street are, in order to meet the objectives of your project, such as deciding where to start a business, opening a new branch of your company, making real estate investments, improving service delivery, optimizing direct-mail or grass-root campaigns or canvassing efforts?

Most of us don’t have a crystal ball that answers these questions. Determining what confluence of geographic factors will be most helpful for you to identify optimal locations for your activities can feel like you’re shooting in the dark. Well, you can sleep better now. Our set of web-based planning and prioritization tools, DecisionTree┬«, has been designed to alleviate this “shoot-in-the-dark” syndrome.

Why don’t you try it, play with it, shake it up a little and let us know what you think? We have launched two demos as part of our brand new DecisionTree website. One is an Elections and Advocacy demo, the other is targeted at Economic Development. Remember that every single weight preference as part of the calculations is completely customizable.

Lastly, we are pleased to report that the City of Asheville’s Priority Places, built on the DecisionTree platform, just won a prestigious economic development award. Learn more in the article below.