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What’s GIS Got To Do With The Arts?

By in Vol. 6 Issue 3, June 2011

Arts institutions, like most nonprofit organizations nationwide, rely on the generosity of their supporters and patrons to maintain their missions, meet their annual goals, expand their programing, or just fund their daily activities.  Facing enormous competition and with limited budgets, marketing and fundraising outreach activities must be calibrated with precision. When we think of marketing,…

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Seminar Announcement: An Introduction to Mapping for Nonprofits

By in Vol. 6 Issue 1, February 2011

Azavea’s Spatial Analysis and Cartography team has worked with nonprofits across many domains to help them use mapping to answer a variety of research questions. In health and human services, the Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF) approached us to help them demonstrate to each member of City Council the magnitude of the organization’s work assisting low-income…

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Esri Announces New Non-Profit Software Program

By in Vol. 5 Issue 4, September 2010

Azavea has worked with many non-profit organizations over the years.  Many of these organizations struggle with unstable funding, limited technology infrastructure and many other challenges.  In our society, we honor these organizations with tax-free status and other benefits.  Over many years, a practice of offering low cost products to non-profit organizations has slowly grown among leading…

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