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2013 Summer of Maps is Open!!

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It’s been frigidly cold here in Philadelphia this past week, but we are already thinking about the summer.  I am pleased to announce the 2013 Azavea Summer of Maps.  Summer of Maps offers fellowships to student GIS analysts to perform geographic data analysis for non-profit organizations.  We are going to match up non-profit organizations that have spatial analysis and visualization needs with talented students of GIS analysis to implement projects over a three-month period during the summer.  Here’s how it will work:

  • Jan 21 – Sun, Feb 10, 11pm – Non-profit organizations can submit brief proposals for spatial analysis projects to Azavea
  • Feb 11 – Feb 28, – Azavea program administrators review organizations
  • Mar 1 – Sun, Mar 17, 11pm – Students submit proposals and applications
  • Mid-March – Early April – Top candidates are interviewed in Philadelphia
  • Mon, Apr 15 – Successful Summer of Maps fellows will be announced
  • mid-May – August – Summer of Maps fellows work on spatial analysis projects

If you participated in the program last year, you’ll notice that we’ve moved the dates up a bit.  If we make additional changes,we’ll post them on the main web page.

What’s in it for the non-profit orgs?

  • Receive pro bono services from a talented student GIS analyst to geographically analyze and visualize your data
  • Visualize your data in new ways
  • Combine your data with other demographic and geographic data to draw new observations
  • Receive high quality maps that can be used to make a case to funders or support new initiatives

What’s in it for the students?

  • Work on a spatial analysis project that supports the social mission of a non-profit organization
  • Work with Azavea mentors to improve your GIS skills
  • Receive a monthly stipend
  • Gain work experience implementing a GIS project

If you are a non-profit organization and have a project you would like to see implemented, please submit an application.  Deadline is Sun Feb 10, 11pm EST.  If you are a student, stay tuned – applications will open March 1, 2013.


Learn more about Azavea Summer of Maps at


Fellowship Sponsors

We want to thank the following organizations for sponsoring a fellow:

Big round of applause to them. Their sponsorships will enable us to expand the program this year.